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Before I become a fan of Kpop, I was originally a Jpop fan. I was first exposed to Japanese idols because I am fond of watching Japanese Detective dramas and School dramas. Most of the dramas I watched  have at least 1 idol that’s why when I researched the name of the actors, I end up researching the group of the idol/s in the drama. With the help of the drama that I have, I become a fan of Japanese Idols and it let me know more about the musical style of the Japanese. Some of the openings of the drama are sung by the idols so it is also one of the reasons why I am exposed to their music. The theme songs of each drama are catchy that it has a beat that will let you sing along. It is more like a lively and fun songs compared to other music which is sad, depressing, and loud. Their songs are awesome because they can be used for openings of a drama, soundtrack for a movie, and performance during their music shows. I am more fond of Idol Boy group rather than the Girl group and I don’t know why, I think the reason for that is I become attracted to a member of a boy group then I will be the fan of that group. 

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