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First Blog

Hi! This is my first ever post. My first post is about my college years

Your college years are your stepping stone in your future and it will shape you to who you will be

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and I graduated last February 2017. I really didn’t expect that I will finish my course because first of all I don’t have any background in programming languages and I came from a family who is not in the engineering field because my family is from the business field. I had a hard time adjusting with my subjects and I can’t talk to my parents about my troubles in my course because I know that they also don’t know the answer. I felt depression but I still tried my best to survive my course and luckily I have finished the program and be able to graduate

I learned from my course is that perseverance will really paid off because it will come to you if you just believe in yourself and try to do your best to accomplish it. I also learned that even if I hate my course at first, I slowly appreciate and love it. Appreciation is also a must in order to let you realize that you want it and you can love it in the future.

I am thankful to my family who supports my back even if I didn’t told them my troubles and insisted to comfort me in times of my trouble. I also want to thank my professors who taught me more about my course that helped me appreciate it and to my friends and classmates who helped me with my journey.

My next journey will be the industry and I wish that I will be able to love my job and I can live loving my work.