Hi! I am Rae Michellin [of course it’s not my real name]

My blog is mainly about my everyday life. It contains places I visit, food I ate, dramas, movies, & anime I watched, manga I read, music I listened, and things I do everyday. It also involves anything related to my celebrity crushes.

I am a newbie in the world of blogging so feel free to give me some ideas which can be place in my blog. I hope that you find time to read my posts and wished that you will leave comments so that I can improve my blog.


  • Food [What I ate]
  • Trips [Where I went]
  • Anime, Drama, Movie [Asian or American]
  • Manga [Shoujo, RomCom]
  • Celebrity Crushes [Mostly men since I am a girl]
  • Music [Mostly Asian since I am addict to boy groups and their songs]
  • Picture [Amateur photographer]
  • Foreign Words [I’d like to learn about foreign languages and take language proficiency exam in the future]
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Everything I want to share [daily experience]

Disclaimer: The images found in this blog are owned by their respective owners and I just edited it. If ever the owner wanted their works to be removed from this site, please do contact me [raemichellin04@gmail.com] so that I can remove it immediately.

Hope you like the content of my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog!!!