Today is the start where I will share the list of manga that I have read or currently reading. First of all, I am somewhat an Otaku because I liked reading manga and it become part of my routine whenever I don’t have anything to do. 

Since manga has many variety and genre, I will never tell you what mangas to watch since every people have their own preference in certain things. I can only tell you that reading a manga can make you feel happy, sad, in love, frighten, and many more. Reading a manga can be the same as reading a book because they both have plots, scenes which you can relate, casts which have the same experience as you, and variety of genres. The only difference of a manga and a book are the ff: 

  • manga is about drawings having a dialogue (It is not purely words)
  • manga needs to be translated first before you can read it if you can’t understand Japanese language
  • manga is free and you can read it online
  • manga has at least 20 pages per chapter 
  • in reading a manga, you need to sometimes wait for a long time before a new chapter is released

There will always be a reason why a person does a thing. Like reading a manga, I also have its reason why I read a specific manga and why I don’t read that manga. Here are my reasons why I read a manga:

  • Genres – I can tell you that I can read any genres of manga but there are some specific genre that I like and they are: Romance, School, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo, and Historical but I always have a certain genres that are needed before I actually read a manga and that is Shoujo. If a manga doesn’t have any Shoujo genre, I will not read that manga.
  • Story – I first read the synopsis of a manga and if it appeal to my like, I will immediately read it but if it did’t catch my taste, I will not try reading it.
  • Characters – This is the biggest trial when I read a manga because I will totally read it if I want the art of the artist and if I liked the image of the lead guy.

In reading a manga, I first check its genre and if there is no shoujo in it, I will definitely not read it. The next thing I do is that I will read its synopsis and if I like its story, I will start reading it but if I don’t like the story, I will not read it even if it is a shoujo manga. The last thing I will do is that I will first read the first chapters. If I like the art of the artist and the image of the lead guy [especially the face of the lead guy], I will continue reading it. But if I don’t like the face of the lead guy, I will not continue reading it. Even if I first tell you that I am an Otaku but I am choosy on what I will read. 

I wish that you will like the list of manga I will post in my blog. If you have time, you can check some of the manga I read and I hope that you will also like it. 😀

-Rae Michellin


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