Before I become a fan of Kpop, I was originally a Jpop fan. I was first exposed to Japanese idols because I am fond of watching Japanese Detective dramas and School dramas. Most of the dramas I watched  have at least 1 idol that’s why when I researched the name of the actors, I end up researching the group of the idol/s in the drama. With the help of the drama that I have, I become a fan of Japanese Idols and it let me know more about the musical style of the Japanese. Some of the openings of the drama are sung by the idols so it is also one of the reasons why I am exposed to their music. The theme songs of each drama are catchy that it has a beat that will let you sing along. It is more like a lively and fun songs compared to other music which is sad, depressing, and loud. Their songs are awesome because they can be used for openings of a drama, soundtrack for a movie, and performance during their music shows. I am more fond of Idol Boy group rather than the Girl group and I don’t know why, I think the reason for that is I become attracted to a member of a boy group then I will be the fan of that group. 

Here are the reasons why I love Jpop:

  • Single Their songs are lively, gentle, and joyful making you feel relaxed once you hear it. They have songs which are easy to follow even if you are no a Japanese and can’t understand its meaning. Each group have their own musical style which is only distinguish in their group and no other group can copy their style.
  • Music Video – The music videos of Jpop are cute and I can say that it makes me laugh sometimes because I find it funny and they look like playing sometimes. In their music videos, they can act, sing, and dance which make you engrossed in it. 
  • Dance Choreography – They have a dance step that is not complicated and you can easily follow it at first glance. They have dance steps which doesn’t need to move every time from one place to another. They have dance step which can be considered as cute because guys tend to dance cutely during their performance and their steps make them look like pretty boy rather than a sexy boy or a masculine boy.
  • Outfits – Their outfits are cute that sometimes it is over that they can be look like a member of a circus. But I can say that they still look good despite their exaggerated outfit. Sometimes their outfits are simple like a normal person can wear it. Overall, their outfits are sometimes exaggerated but they can also wear outfits which are plain and normal at the same time.
  • Group Members There will always be a member of the group which I find appealing and he is the reason why I become a fan of that group. I always become a fan of a group whenever I see a member who i find similar to my taste in men. I will frankly say that most of the Japanese guys are not that handsome compared to South Koreans but I always find a distinct feature of a particular member which make me attracted to him.

I have a particular talent agency that is the home of my favorite Jpop group and that is Johnny’s Entertainment. It is known for training and promoting male idols in the entertainment world. They also make some show for their trainees for them to be exposed in TVs and make them gain popularity. They make their trainees have their group before debuting in order to make a bond and at the same time viewers can know them, trainees, as a group making them popular when they debut in the music industry. Some of their talents are my bias and I listen to his group’s song and I watch most of his dramas.

*** Trivia: I have not watch variety shows they are in either because of not being translated in English or I can’t find sites where I can watch them. ***

Here is the list of my favorite Jpop group and my Bias

  • Arashi (1999)

Arashi is a 5 member group and they are one of the most famous group in Johnny’s. They are a group who was formed outside Japan, they was formed in Hawaii. All of its group members are all exposed to drama, movie variety show, radio show, commercial, and stage acting, news show, and etc. Making them all win many different awards individually. I can say that this group has talented members because they can sing, dance, and act. They are all individually famous in Japan and all of them have made a great impact in the industry. They are also a group who is very strong because since the formation of their group until now, they are still a 5 member group unlike other groups who have loss some of its members. They have their own variety shows which shows their bond as a group and at the same time show some entertainment to the audience. They also have concerts which are all successful and they have concerts outside Japan. The 5 of them also acted in drama as a group. They are composed of Satoshi Ohno (leader), Sakurai Sho, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, and Matsumoto Jun [arranged from oldest yo youngest]

Fandom Name: ARASICK

To learn more about this group: Arashi

Matsumoto Jun

The member who catches my attention is Matsumoto Jun. He is known for playing Domyoji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango. He is the reason why I came to know his group. Meaning, he is the reason why I have known this group and listen to their songs. He has an aura of a cool and bad guy which you can see in his dramas. He is somewhat a show off in every drama he’s in but I can say that he plays it well that will make you fall in love with his acting. I also like where he smiles because he becomes more handsome and at the same time sexy.

  • Kanjani8 (2004)

Kanjani8 was originally an 8 member group but 1 of its member who is also a member of another group, NEWs,  was decided by their management to go solo and focus on his solo career as an artist and actor. This make them a 7 member group today. They are a group of Johnny’s entertainment which are from Japan’s Kansai region. They are a group who can each play a musical instrument and they sometimes perform with their instrument. Some of its members are engaged into acting, variety show, radio show, stage play and winning awards that make them notably known individually.  At the same time, they have their own program show as a group like variety shows and movies. They also have successful concerts in Japan. They are composed of Yokoyama You, Shibutani Subaru, Murakami Shingo, Maruyama Ryuhei, Yasuda Shota, Nishikido Ryo, and Okuta Tadayoshi [arranged from oldest to youngest; they don’t have a leader]

Fandom Name: Eighter

To learn more about this group: Kanjani Eight

Tadayoshi Ohkura

The member who catches my attention is Tadayoshi Ohkura. I have seen him in the drama Otenkii Onee-san. It is a Detective drama that’s why I watch it. Because of this drama, I have known this guy and learning that he is from Johnny’s and has his own group. I watched all of his detective dramas and his role is always an idiot detective and I find him funny in every episode. He has a funny aura making me laugh in his dramas and he can be sometimes get hot when he becomes serious in a scene but he always go back to being an idiot one.

  • KAT-TUN (2006)

KAT-TUN is a 3 member group. They were originally a 6 member group but the first member, Akanishi Jin, departed from the group in order to pursue his solo career in the US. The second former member was Tanaka Koki who was removed by the agency because he violated some of the agenccy’s contract and the last former member was Taguchi Junnosuke departed from the group and at the same time from the agency to focus in his personal life. This group during their trainee days were the most anticipated by the people to debut. Their group is already popular before debuting making their debut single extremely popular and making it break records in sales. Individually, the members are engaged into dramas, movies, stage plays, radio show and variety show hosting, and commercial. As a group, they have their own variety show and successful concerts domestically and internationally. They are composed of Nakamaru Yuichi, Ueda Tatsuya, and Kamenashi Kazuya [arranged from oldest to youngest; they don’t have a leader]

Fandom Name: Hyphen

To learn more about this group: KAT-TUN

Akanishi Jin
Kamenashi Kazuya

This is one of the group I am particularly a fan because I like all their songs and  I find them addicting. I first started into this group when I watched Gokusen 2 where 2 of its members, Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi kazuya, were casts. I become addicted to them when I watch their music videos from their debut single to their current single and I also searched for their concerts and variety shows online. I literally like all of them even if I have a biases which are Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin. They are the one who make me fall in love with the group. I search for their concerts and variety shows in order to watch and see all of them rather than a single or 2 members. My 2 biases have a aura of sexiness and hotness that when they act in a drama, I become fascinated with them and want them to love them more. All in all, I am really a fan of this group and I want know all of them individually; I love them as a group and individually.   

  • Hey! Say! JUMP (2007)

Hey! Say! JUMP was originally a 10 member group but 1 member, Morimoto Ryutaro, was suspended from the group because of an underage smoking scandal and the management officially stated that he will left both the group and management to focus on his study. They have the largest group members among their agency and they are also the youngest group to debut. Their youngest member was 12 years old and the oldesst member was 17 years old when they debut. They are also divided into 2 sub-groups namely Hey Say Best, which composes the 5 eldest of the group, and Hey Say 7, which composes the 5 youngest of the group. Both of this sub-groups have their own songs and they sometimes perform as a sub-group. The group also have their own solo activities such as acting in dramas, movies, and stage plays, hosting in radio show and variety show, and endorsements. They are also successful promoting their individual activities. They also have their group activities such as having variety shows and successful concerts in Japan and outside Japan. They are composed of Yabu Kota (leader), Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Hikaru Yaotome, Arioka Daiki, Okamoto Keito, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, and Chinen Yuri [arranged from oldest to youngest]

Fandom Name: Juliet, JUMPer

To learn more about this group: Hey!_Say!_JUMP

Yamada Ryosuke

Before I have my bias, I already know this group from a friend so I have chose my bias after knowing the group. Unlike the other groups where I already have a bias before being the group’s fan.  The member who catches my attention when watching their group’s music video is Yamada Ryosuke. The music video that I watched was their debut single and he was the first one I noticed.Then I watched his dramas which are all Detective and School drama so I can say that I watched all of his dramas and movies. He can be cute if he wanted to in a scene and he can also be a sexy one if he needed to. He is a versatile actor because he can act his role as a funny and a serious guy.

  • KiS-MY-FT2 (2011)

KiS-MY-FT2 is a 7 member group. The group is famous for performing on a roller skates. They perform tricks and stunts with the use of roller skates during their performance making it their group’s trademark. They are also the group who holds the record of having a shortest time to perform on Tokyo Dome after the debut. They are a group who have many group activities in variety shows. They also hold a successful concerts in Japan. Some of its members are also having individual activities in dramas, movies, stage play, radio show, and endorsement and have won some awards.

Fandom Name: Oreashizoku (My Foot Clan) 

To learn more about this group: Kis-My-Ft2

Tamamori Yuta

The member who catches my attention is Tamamori Yuta. I first watched him in Ikemen Desu Ne, a Japanese Remake of a Korean drama, He’s Beautiful. In this drama, he is a tsundere and he is hot with his black hair. I easily become his fan because I find him attractive. He also has a cute aura that want you to hug him during his scene and he also has a power to make you feel that you are having a romantic scene with him. I watched all of his dramas and movies since all of it catches my attention and they are either School or Detective drama. He is a talent of Johnny’s who is my ultimate bias therefore I search him more other than the my other favorite member. I find him cute when acting childish, serious when acting a heavy scene, and sexy when he needs to be. I like him being a tsundere because he gives off a chills to you when he looks at you. 

  • Sexy Zone (2011)

Sexy Zone is a 5 member group. They are a group who is said to be a group who will define the sexiness of men. They still haven’t have their own concert but they are having individual activities in drama, movie, stage play, and variety show. Still, they have a variety show where they participate as a group. the members are Nakajima Kento (leader), Kikuchi Fuma, Sato Shori, Matsushima So, Yo Marius [arranged from oldest to youngest]

Fandom Name: Sexy Girl

To learn more about this group: Sexy Zone

Nakajima Kento

The member that catches my attention is Nakajima Kento. I didn’t notice him in a drama but in a picture because he somewhat resembles Tamamori Yuta in some ways. When I searched for him, I was shocked because I have seen him in a drama where Yamada Ryosuke was in but I didn’t noticed him. I watched only one of his drama since I don’t some of his drama and I don’t know why. I think is that it doesn’t fit his image. But still, I am his fan and I really like that particular drama of him that I watched since he somewhat resembles Tamamori Yuta and his role in that drama is a tsundere so I love him in that particular drama.

  • Bakaleya6 [Six Tones]



Bakaleya6 is a Johnny’s junior group which haven’t debuted yet and still unknown if the group will debut in the future. The group is composed of 6 members who all acted in a drama called Shiritsu no Bakaleya wherein they are the main actors. The six of them were called Bakaleya6 at first when they performed the opening theme of the drama in a show. They have been called Bakaleya6 since then since they are not yet a group. They gain fame in that drama thus their agency created their group, Six Tones. Six Tones have been performing in music shows and have already performed their own song in a program.Even if they still haven’t debuted, they individually have a junior group aside from Six Tones and they are also engaging in other activities such as acting in a drama, movie, and stage, performing in music shows, and hosting some events. I still doesn’t have any bias in this group since I all like them act in that drama and I have been watching some of their dramas and movies. I wish that they will debut as a group someday. They are composed of Yugo Koichi, Kyomoto Taiga, Tanaka Juri, Matsumura Hokuto, Lewis Jesse, and Morimoto Shintaro [arranged from oldest to youngest; doesn’t have a leader since they are all still Johnny’s junior; haven’t debuted yet]

Fandom Name: no name yet [not yet debuted]

To learn more about this group: six tones 

***photos are not mine (photos courtesy of)***


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