What is happiness?

What is happiness?

A question every people is asking and I have to agree that answering this question is very complicated. Every person has a different ideas on answering this question. I also have an idea on how I can answer this question, how to be happy, and this is what I will share to you. I will share to you my ideas of being happy and how I can achieve happiness.

First of all, happiness is an emotion that every person has and it is hard to achieve. We all have different ways on how to achieve it but it is hard to achieve it. We need to try to do our best in order to be happy and we also need to be satisfied on what we have. For me, happiness is also the same as satisfaction because being satisfied means that I am contented with what I have.

Here are my ways to be happy:

  • Be contented
  • Learn to appreciate things around you
  • Don’t try to compare yourself to other people
  • Be thankful with what you have
  • Try your best to achieve your dream and goal
  • Don’t stress yourself with problems
  • Always smile

All I can say is that we are all people longing for happiness and it is always within ourselves on how we can attain that happiness. Happiness is already within ourselves, we just need to realize it. I wish that all of you will find their happiness and understand its true meaning. 🙂

-Rae Michellin


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