I have a dream that will come true in the future……   just stay tuned until it becomes a reality

Wishes can become a reality

I have many wish and goals in life. These wishes and goals are still far but I will do my best to make it possible. I am a girl who have dreams that are yet to come. I wish that it will come true and I will have a motivation to make all of it a reality. Love and marriage is still not in my wishlist because I first want to return my love to my parents and I want to achieve my personal interest. I think these 2 are still far from being my wish because I still want to enjoy my life being single and free.


  • To graduate BS Computer Engineering (finish my thesis)
  • To be able to get CISCO certification
  • To be able to get a decent and stable job
  • To return everything my parents gave me as a sign of being thankful to their love
  • To make my own business (I still don’t know what kind of business)
  • To study foreign languages like Mandarin, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Malay, French, and Spanish
  • To be rich
  • To travel around the world (I want to go to famous places and tourist spots, eat a countries delicacies, and take memorable photos)
  • To buy things I want
  • To be a good programmer
  • To have own restaurant and pet clinic [partnership with my sister & brother]

Just believe that one day, all of your dreams/wishes will come true. Hard work and patience are needed to attain them because there are no wishes that will be granted overnight. Have confidence that it will be possible and  always trust yourself because they are the only ways to  make you feel that it will come true and feel that all of your dreams will become a reality.

It is not bad to have wishes and dreams because it will make you do your best to attain it. It also make you alive by having a goal and letting you strive to at least make your wishes come true.

Wishes are always part of your lives 

-Rae Michellin


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