Week 1

New Beginnings

Before the end of the week, I would like to share to you what happened to me before I start my blog. First of all, I have successfully completed my undergraduate course and be able to graduate this February 2017. I can say that I am lucky that I have finished my Engineering course and be able to make my parents have a child who completed an engineering course. I really don’t have any background in programming and engineering but I have finished it and be able to march. I am so happy that I have completed it and earned a degree.

This also marks my new chapter which is working as a professional. I have also landed a job that has a good offer and I’ll be able to start working this March. I’ll be working at BGC Taguig. I can be able to earn money which I can use to buy things I want and I can be able to treat my family.

I wished that I will love my job and at the same time have a balance working life and personal life. So this is the start of my new chapter and things that I’ll be posting here in my blog is about my experiences after my student years. 

Wish me luck. 🙂

-Rae Mihellin


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